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Section 1 - Front Cover & Introduction
Section 2 - Landowners & Their Watershed
Section 3 - Why are Catskills Streams Important?
Section 4 - Your Streamside Buffer...
Section 5 - Your Role in Streamside Living
Section 6 - Back Cover & Credits

Stream Basics

Diagram of Mountain Streams – A Living Network

Introduction to Stream Processes

Power Point about Stream Processes- Chemung County Soil & Water Conservation District
(19MB – Takes less than 5 minutes to download with high speed access)

Publication about Stream Processes - Chemung County Soil & Water Conservation District
(65MB – Large Document!)

River Corridor Protection and Management

Ground Water Protection

Streamside Protection: Why Bother?

Wetlands in the Watersheds of the New York City Water Supply System

Stream Stewardship



Riparian Buffers

Diagram About Buffer Functions

More Information About How To Plant A Buffer

Inventory, Classification and Description of Riparian Natural Community Reference Types for West Kill Watershed, NY, 2009

Native Plants:
Seasonal Interest
Plant Attributes
Range of Conditions
Extreme Conditions
Specific Purpose

Groundwater Protection and Septic System

How To Install A Rain Garden

Riparian Buffer Dos and Don'ts

Ways To Get Involved:
Riparian Health Checklist
Riparian Health Assessment
Stream Releaf Program

Further Reading

Invasive Species

Why Invasive Species Are A Problem

Early Detection Species

Early Detection Plants

Make A Voucher Specimen

Japanese Knotweed

Catskill Regional Invasive Species Partnership (CRISP)

TNC Inventory and Assessment

Catskill Mountains Garlic Mustard Trailhead/Trail Survey Report

An Overview of Nonindigenous Plant Species in New Jersey

An Invasive Species Assessment Protocol

Grant and Partnership Programs for Address Invasive Species

Experimental Management of Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica) on the Batavia Kill, Greene County, New York, Hudsonia, 2009


Suggestions for Floodplain Management

Watershed Community

Watershed Environmental Educators Directory

Major Streams

West Branch Delaware River

Stream Restoration Projects in the West Branch of the Delaware River Watershed

Intro to Stream Management Plans

Thesis on Alternative Futures For Headwater Stream and Wetland Landscapes in the Upper Delaware Basin, New York, 2009

East Branch Delaware River

Intro to Stream Management Plans

Watershed Overview

Schoharie Creek

Batavia Kill Fishing Easement Map
East Kill – Fishing Easement Map
East Kill Recreational Assets
Schoharie Recreational Assets
Schoharie Creek Fishing Easement Map
West Kill Fishing Easement Map

The United States Geological Survey

Demonstration Restoration Projects:
Batavia Kill: Ashland Project Report
West Kill: R.A. Hill Stables Demonstration Project Report (file size 9 MB)
West Kill: Westkill Stream Restoration Demonstration Project Report
East Kill: East Kill Farber Farm Restoration Project Report
Schoharie Creek: 2007 Proposed Schoharie Projects

Schoharie Creek: Schoharie Creek Embankment Repair at Schoharie Street

Schoharie Creek: Carr Road Riparian Restoration (3.4 MB)

Intro to Stream Management Plans

Effectiveness of Stream Restoration in Reducing Stream Bank Erosion: The Case of Batavia Kill Stream Restoration Projects, New York (Chen, Y. et al., 2005)

Summary of Schoharie Wildlife and Fishery

Esopus Creek

Bedrock Geology
Glacial Geology
Bank Erosion
Hemlock Wooly Adelgid Locations

Esopus Creek Restoration Project Report

Esopus Creek Project Power Point (file size 9.6 MB)

Stony Clove: Lanesville Demonstration Project

Intro to Stream Management Plans

Watershed Overview

Glacial Geology Description

Guide to Stream Friendly Practices for Common Streamside Projects

Rondout Creek

Chestnut Creek: Town Hall Demonstration Site

Intro to Stream Management Plans

Chestnut Creek Stream Management Plan

Opinions and Interests Concerning Stream Management Expressed By Streamside Landowners in the Upper Rondout and the East and West Branches of the Neversink River

Neversink River

Intro to Stream Management Plans

Calendar of Events

Stream Management Plans

Adopting a Stream Management Plan

Sample Memorandum of Understanding

Stream Stewardship Principles

Schoharie Basin
Schoharie Creek and East Kill
West Kill
Batavia Kill
Batavia Kill Executive Summary
Manor Kill (Draft)

Esopus Basin (Ashokan Basin)
Esopus Creek
Upper Esopus Creek Management Plan: Summary of Findings and Recommendations
Stony Clove
Broadstreet Hollow

West Branch of the Delaware River (Cannonsville Basin)
West Branch of the Delaware River

East Branch of the Delaware River (Pepacton Basin)
East Branch of the Delaware River

Rondout Basin
Chestnut Creek
Rondout Creek - To be completed by 2010, please check back

Neversink Basin
Neversink River – To be completed by 2011, please check back

Catskill Streams Buffer Initiative

Catskill Streams Buffer Initiative Brochure

Catskill Streams Buffer Initiative Guidelines

          Catskill Streams Buffer Initiative Application

Image Gallery

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