Stream Stewardship: Streamside

The streamside area, or riparian buffer, is where you can have the greatest beneficial impact on Catskill streams. This page will acquaint you with positive stream stewardship activities in three general categories: riparian buffers, invasive species and floodplains.

Riparian Buffers

This section provides more detailed information about the importance of riparian buffers, instructions about streamside planting, a list of Catskill native trees and shrubs and where to get them and other guidance about proper management of the streamside area. Click here for more information about Riparian Buffers.

Invasive Species

Find out about the expansive negative effects of exotic, invasive species and threats to the Catskills. This section includes information about invasive plant control for already established species as well as identification information for invasive species on the fringe of the Catskill Mountains. Additionally, you can learn about joining a new group called the Catskill Regional Invasive Species Partnership (CRISP) that works cooperatively to address invasive species concerns. Click here for more information about Invasive Species.


A large concern to Catskill streamside landowners is flooding. The information in this section offers advice on proper management of floodplain areas to reduce the costly impacts of flooding. Also included are several links to flooding forecasts and existing state and federal programs to assist landowners and towns before and after floods occur. Click here for more information about Floodplains.

For more information, e-mail info@catskillstreams.org

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