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Stream Management Program

*  Catskill Streams Buffer Initiative – Applications Due January 15, 2013 - The overall goal of the CSBI is to inform and assist landowners in better stewardship of their riparian (streamside) area through protection, enhancement, management, or restoration. Applications and more information are available online at:  http://www.catskillstreams.org/CSBI


*  Stream Management Implementation Grant Programs  *

Complete list of grants funded to date in the NYC West-of-Hudson watershed.

*  Schoharie Watershed Advisory Committee Stream Management Plan Implementation Program – Applications Due August 1, 2012 - Guided by stream stewardship principles, the Schoharie Watershed Program offers assistance to local communities, residents, and organizations to advance recommendations from Schoharie Basin Stream Management Plans. Categories of funding include: Recreation and Stream Habitat Improvements, Education on Watershed Protection, Highway and Infrastructure Improvement, Planning & Assessment, Landowner Stream Assistance and Creative Stormwater Practices & Critical Area Seeding.  Applications and more information are available online at: http://www.catskillstreams.org/SWAC.html

*  Ashokan Basin Stream Management Plan Implementation Program - Applications are accepted at any time but are evaluated/approved at quarterly Advisory Council meetings.

Mini Grant Program - The mini grant provides up to $5000 for education, training, community programs, small projects etc. in the Ashokan Watershed. Click here for application materials.

Matching Grant Program - The matching grant provides up to $100,000 or 75% of the cost of a project (whatever is less) to either match a grant or enhance a funded project that helps to implement stream management program recommendations. Eligible categories are research, community projects, training and education, and stream projects. Click here for application materials.

For more information contact Elizabeth Higgins at elizabeth.higgins@ashokanstreams.org or (845) 688-3047.

*  Delaware Watershed Stream Management Grant Program - Pre-Applications due 6/17/2012

The Delaware Watershed Stream Management Grant Program offers assistance to local communities, residents, and organizations to advance recommendations from the East and West Branch Delaware River Stream Corridor Management Plans. Categories of funding include: Flood Management, Highway and Infrastructure Improvement, Stormwater Implementation and/or Critical Area Seedling, Recreation-Based Opportunities or Habitat Enhancements, General Restoration Projects, Education/Outreach/Training, on Watershed Protection, and Planning & Assessment.  Applications and more information are available online at: www.catskillstreams.org/Delawaregrant.html

Catskill Watershed Corporation

*  Watershed Education Grants
The CWC provides Watershed Education Grants to schools, libraries, museums, vocational institutions and non-profit organizations in the West-of-Hudson (WOH) Watershed and in New York City.  The purpose of the grant program is to support projects that emphasize the importance of the city’s water supply; the stewardship role of watershed residents; the ecology of the WOH Watershed; the importance of preserving water quality; the unique cultural heritage of the area; the development of the city’s vast water system; and the importance of increasing communication and understanding among residents of the NYC water supply system.  For More Information: visit www.cwconline.org/programs/pub_edu/pe.html

*  Septic Repair and Maintenance
The CWC offers reimbursement assistance to homeowners within the West of Hudson (WOH) Watershed for septic system replacement, rehabilitation, and maintenance. The CWC also oversees a business septic repair reimbursement program.  For More Information: visit www.cwconline.org/programs/septic/septic.html

*  Stormwater Planning and Control
The CWC administers the following programs to help municipalities, businesses, and property owners address and correct stormwater runoff problems which may contribute to degraded water quality, and to plan ways to avoid them in the future: Future Stormwater Program for new construction (reimbursement program) and
Stormwater Retrofit Program for municipalities and businesses to correct existing conditions

For More Information: visit www.cwconline.org/programs/strm_wtr/strm_wtr.html

*  Catskill Fund for the Future
The Catskill Fund for the Future (CFF) supports responsible, environmentally sensitive economic development projects in the West of Hudson Watershed by making low-interest loans to Qualified Economic Development Projects.  For More Information: visit www.cwconline.org/programs/econ_dev/econ_dev.html

*  Institutional Sand & Salt Program
The Institutional Sand & Salt Program provides funding to improve storage facilities for road de-icing materials at hospitals, schools, nursing homes, churches and other institutions in the WOH Watershed. Through this program, CWC reimburses institutions for the design, construction, upgrading, or replacing of storage facilities.  For More Information: visit www.cwconline.org/programs/inst_s&s/inst_s&s.html

Watershed Agricultural Council (WAC) Programs

*  Conservation Easements
By promoting long-term land uses in farming and forestry, a WAC easement limits development, conserving both the water at its source and open space. The WAC's Easement Program is 100% funded by New York City Department of Environmental Protection. Under an easement, landowners work the land as they always have. In addition, they may mortgage it, sell it, or leave it to their heirs. The easement remains intact even as the property changes hands.  For More Information: www.nycwatershed.org/ce_whatisce.html

*  Forest Management Planning
If you own 10 acres or more of forest land in the NYC Watershed you can be a part of a movement to ensure clean water and economic viability in the Watershed. Watershed Forest Management Plans (WFMPs) are cost shared through the Watershed Agricultural Council Forestry Program and provide landowners with the basic information they need to make informed decisions regarding the future of their forests.  For More Information: www.nycwatershed.org/for_planning.html

*  Whole Farm Planning
Whole Farm Planning is a holistic approach to farm management used to identify and prioritize environmental issues on a farm without compromising the farm business. In exchange for your willingness to work with the Watershed Ag. Program (WAP), the City of New York pays for your program participation by funding the projects recommended within your Whole Farm Plan.  For More Information: www.nycwatershed.org/ag_planning.html

New York State Programs

*  New York City Watershed Protection Grant Program (NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation)
The New York City Watershed Protection Grant Program provides financial assistance for projects that protect and enhance the quality of source waters of the New York City water supply system. Eligible recipients include, but are not limited to, municipalities, Federal and State agencies, Academic Research Institutions, and not-for-profit organizations whose projects are located within the boundaries of the NYC Watershed.  For More Information: visit www.dec.ny.gov/pubs/67090.html

*  Statewide Water Quality Improvement Project (NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation)
The NYS DEC supports water quality improvements through the Water Quality Improvement Project (WQIP) Statewide Grant Program. The WQIP program is a competitive, reimbursement grant program that directs funds to projects that reduce polluted runoff, improve water quality and restore habitat in New York's waterbodies. Eligible applicants for the WQIP program are municipalities, Soil and Water Conservation Districts, and not for profit corporations.  For More Information: visit www.dec.ny.gov/pubs/4774.html

*  Watershed Protection and Partnership Council (NYS Dept. of State)
The Watershed Protection and Partnership Council represents and provides a working forum for diverse interests that share the common goal of protecting and enhancing the environmental integrity of the New York City Watershed, the social and economic vitality of its communities, and the quality and quantity of the water that sustains them.  For More Information: visit www.dos.state.ny.us/watershed/index.html

*  NYS Emergency Management Office Programs
SEMO routinely assists local governments, voluntary organizations and private industry through a variety of emergency management programs. These programs include hazard identification, loss prevention, planning, training, operational response to emergencies, technical support, and disaster recovery assistance.  For More Information: visit www.semo.state.ny.us/programs

For more information, e-mail info@catskillstreams.org

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